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In the future, all music has been banned.

As a clerk at the Ministry, your job is to hunt down the remaining musicians in their place of last refuge - The Musicnet.

A puzzle game lasting 1-3 hours. Contains 11 original songs.


You can play this game in any up to date browser or on PC. Headphones are highly recommended.

As browser games are inherently temperamental, I recommend you try the PC version, which you can play by downloading the Itch.IO app and then proceeding to this site, which you can copy from the header. 

If you do not wish to use Itch.IO app, you can use the basic windows install.

If you are playing the browser, depending on your computer, you may experience some audio stuttering. Browser throttling means the audio will stop refreshing when you leave the tab. It is recommended that you play the game full screen.


To me, Echo Beach is a game about the tension between trying to live an adult life and making art for pleasure. In recent years, I became a dad and provider, while also watching the decline of music as a career path for many of my peers. This culminated in the last couple of years, where many musicians had to give up on their dreams and adopt a more conservative outlook. 

On a less personal note, the game is also about the value of culture in a time of austerity and emergency. For this reason, I leave it open to you to donate as much as you feel.

This game may provoke reflections of your own and we would love to here about them here,

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Release date Oct 15, 2021
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(79 total ratings)
AuthorOwlskip Games
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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WHO TF IS ADRIAN?! I cannot figure it out omg.

AH just kidding lmao


UGGGHHH i cant figure out who adrian is for the life of me (love the game so far tho, im just really frustrated)

I'm stuck on buried pleasures

i don't care if you just give me the answer. if you want you can use morse code so you don't give it away to people who are just scrolling, JUST PLEASE SOMEONE GIVE ME THE ANSWER THIS IS KILLING ME

Hit me up in discord.

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I really need hints for day 6. has anyone done a play-through vid?

Anyone have hints for day 6? I'm not very good at chords.

Really cool game. Love the puzzles (even if I'm bad at them). Hope none of these songs are copyrighted.


Love it!

really interesting game, great job!

For the life of me, I can't get the radio to work on browser OR windows install. I'm not sure how to play the songs, and I can't get any sound out of it

Any suggestions?

Great game :)


Just click a bit faster

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago
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I love this game so much. The songs and puzzles are so cool! However I’m still stuck on sunburnt county and baby bell. Any hints anyone?

EDIT: lol omg 

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I'm pretty sure I've got sunburnt down, but I have zero idea who Baby Bell could be. Only hint seems to be that their mentor is Smoking Elvis.

EDIT: lol omg


whos grey


this game is super cool! i'm stuck on day six right now, but it's super fun :D


This is really an amazing puzzle game! It is challenging but not so challenging that it becomes frustrating. There is a great variety in the hints used to solve the game and they are clearly well thought out. The music is great too!


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Really great puzzle game! I had no idea how to solve Sunburnt County, I ended up getting him by entering IDs randomly until it popped. (Edit: found the answer on the Discord, and in hindsight I really should have thought to do that haha). Super well done, the deductions were intuitive and got harder as the game went along. Great work!


Yeah, the Sunburnt solution was devious. Bravo~


Hey this game amazing! Incredible work. I just loved Like a river and i'd like to know if there's any way for me to listen to it outside of the game.Anyways Keep up the good work!


Spotify link in description.



hey!! i love the game, im stuck tho on buried pleasures, anyone have any hints?

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That one's tough, but you have some clues regarding the type (and tempo) of song they made the backing music for, which narrows the options down considerably. Also look for another poster mentioning lyrics regarding the song BP helped write 


I'm stuck on Ella Nella, if anyone could help that'd be much appreciated!

I'm not good at giving hints without giving too much away, but here's what you have to do:

Go through all the posts, you'll see someone mention they live with Ella. Then scan through other people's posts, there is someone who says something about going to that person's place. They'll also mention the address.

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Really good game. So few developers are making purely deductive puzzle games so I cherish each one, and Tim just gets better and better at making them. The music, already WAY too good for video games in his other efforts, is better than ever in this one, and the puzzles feel fairer and smarter, too.

One of just a few devs whose games immediately go on my "must play" list sight unseen.


Great game! definitely was hard to pinpoint a couple people on the last three days. did take a couple google searches for certain tidbits of knowledge, but i actually really liked that! i'm very glad the songs had subtitles, auditory processing is not a strong suit for me, and though i could get needed information without them i'm glad they were there in case i did.

Another great deductive game from Tim. I can't believe he releases such quality content for free! Hop on the Sheinman Express before it leaves the station (and to a higher price point).

hi, are there any restrictions on making a youtube video plaing the game?

Not at all, would love to see it.

Make sure you donate, all! This is so unbelievably good.



this game was really fun! did have to google some things to make it through, but most of the stuff just required good ol' fashioned detective work!

Many thanks.


I love this game~ although I'm kinda stuck around adrian and lady jane hnnnnggg

Check into Discord and ask!

Deleted 2 years ago

I finally know who Lady Jane is! (not Adrian though, I'm still having trouble with them) If you're still struggling, here's a hint: Her last name is the largest city in their county. The answer itself isn't in the game, it'll only mention the county they live in, so you may have to look it up. 

(Side note: If you already got through the day and know how to find Adrian, please let me know. I'm lowkey desperate)


I found lady jades name but I cant for the life of me find any clues for Adrian's name as well,,, some one help!!

Make sure you reread the posts from already-captured people as well. One of them mentions a real-world musician you might recognize from another person's post with Adrian in it

haha thanks i actually went to the discord a couple minutes after posting, and looked for some advice about them so I've already completed it!!


This is a delightful game! Have you ever considered bringing any of your games to iOS? Rivals and Family would also be wonderful on iPad. I really want my dad to play them but he doesn't own a traditional computer.

whaaa this game is so cool!! i love it


whoa this game is stellar! love the songs and story!

Thanks very much!

This is the good shit