Sleeping with the NME.

This was created for the Itch.IO Weekly Game Jam titled. You're the Enemy.

Obviously this is a pun and pretty silly one at that.

If you don't know, the NME is a long running British music publication that has waxed and waned in quality over the years, combining both excellent journalism (on occasion), mixed with tabloid silliness.

An extra layer is that as the editor of the NME, it is often your role to stoke controversy and promote shallow trends,  in a sense making you  the enemy.

It's a pretty silly game and I hope you enjoy it!

Many thanks to Larry Rickard for editorial and joke contributions.

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AuthorOwlskip Games
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This game reminds me of how old I am.

Haha how old is that?

You remember all these bands? Any favourites?

I'm 39. Yes, I remember all of them, and I'm from Brazil, lol. I liked Nirvana and grunge in general.

I live in Brazil too buddy.

Fun little game.

Thanks very much!